Double majors

The general requirement to obtain a bachelor's degree with two majors is to complete the GIRs and the departmental requirements for both majors.  Students applying for a double major must have a grade point average of at least 4.0.  To appy for a double major, students must submit a petition to the Committee on Curricula (CoC) after completing at least three terms at MIT, including at least one in the department of one of the majors.

Note that all double major forms for MechE must be approved both by your advisor and the Undergraduate Officer. Please drop off forms in 1-110 or email for Undergraduate Officer review.

Course 2 & 2-OE have no particular restrictions on double majors, however, the number of subjects that are allowed to substitute for core requirements is limited.

Course 2-A students may not include more than 24 units from a second major in their 2-A concentration.

How to apply